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Drug Concern Home Page

Drug Concern is a Guernsey charity helping people whose lives are affected by drug or alcohol use. We are dedicated to providing a non-judgemental service to anyone affected by drug or alcohol problems. We work with individuals and families; those who are using and those are affected by someone's drug or alcohol use. Drug Concern provides a safe place for people to explore their situations and what they may need to consider to make positive change a reality.

The organisation was formed in 1991 initially as a telephone helpline. We have developed the service to consider the wider needs of drug and alcohol users, their families and friends as we seek to promote change and improve quality of life through targeted interventions.  

We work collaboratively with other organisations to ensure service users receive the most appropriate care suited to their needs. If you do not consider yourself to have an addiction but are becoming concerned about your drug or alcohol use, we can work with you.

You can self-refer using this link  or alternatively you can call the office to make an appointment or have an initial discussion about you situation.

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Opening times


For significant others

Affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use and don't know which way to turn?


SMART groups

Mon 1-2pm; Weds 5-7pm; Thurs 1-2pm


Drug Dependence

Drug dependence is an addiction to a street drug or a prescribed medication. When you are addicted, you may not be able to control your drug use and you may continue using the drug despite the harm it causes.