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Criminal Justice Substance Service

A brief summary of the service

The Criminal Justice Substance Service (CJSS) is a partnership between Drug Concern and the Probation Service. The CJSS enables drug and alcohol users to receive treatment as part of a court order or as part of a parole licence.

Clients can access the service either from court as an alternative to a custodial sentence, or as part of their parole conditions. Whichever route the service is accessed there will be a drug/alcohol  testing requirement which can be up to three times a week. In addition to testing clients have access to peer support groups (SMART groups) specifically focusing on behaviour change. SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) is an abstinence orientated recovery group, which helps individuals gain control over their addictive behaviours, achieve recovery, a balanced lifestyle and lead meaningful and satisfying lives.

SMART is a science based alternative to mutual aid groups such as AA/NA groups and uses tools and techniques based on the behavioural models of change.

Many of those who have experienced the service say it helped them to make the changes they needed to their drug and alcohol using behaviour.

Take a look at our pdf icon CJSS Leaflet [905kb].

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- CJSS Leaflet