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Prison Substance Misuse Service

A brief summary of Drug Concern's work in the Prison

Drug Concern has a full time staff member based in the Prison. the Prison Substance Misuse Worker (PSMW) works with alcohol and illicit substance use and works closely with community services to ensure there is a robust throughcare service.

The PSMW uses the same therapeutic inteventions as used in the community where the emphasis is on change and relapse prevention. In adittion to this there are four substance awareness groups delivered throughout the year which aims to increase awareness of the impacts of substance misuse. This is followed up with one-to-one work which helps the client focus on areas of specific change.

Referrals to community services are made prior to the clients date of release and a post release meeting is arranged with the client, PSMW and the organisation where the referral is being made.

Work in the Prison is considered to be very beneficial for clients as it is a time when they have a break in their substance using patterns and can begin to consider the possibility of change.