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Families Programme

MPACT (Moving Parents & Children Together) helps families overcome the impact of parental drug or alcohol use.

Moving Parents and Children Together (MPACT) is an 8 week programme for families with a parent or parents who are or have been substance users (drugs and alcohol) and who have children who experience parental substance misuse.

MPACT is a vibrant programme which works with the whole family addressing the impact of parental substance use with the aim of bringing the family together, improving communication, coping strategies and increasing resilience. Each session begins with a meal before moving onto the programme content.

Families can contact Drug Concern directly if they would like to access the programme, or they can be referred by another service.

The pdf icon MPACT Leaflet [544kb] provides an overview of the programme and the pdf icon mpact research briefing LTfinal21092011 [528kb] which forms the pdf icon 2.The Evidence Base [328kb] for the programme. There are also a number of pdf icon mpact case studies [447kb] which provide a brief glimpse of how MPACT has helped families move forward.

For more information about the programme or to request programme dates please contact the office on 01481 729000.