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The Recovery Position

A 'how to' of the recovery position

The Recovery position

  • A - Airway. Look for obstructions. Lift chin, tilt head back.
  • B - Breathing. Check their breathing.
  • C - Circulation. Check their pulse.
If they are breathing and they have a pulse:

Put them in the Recovery position.

Call 999.

If they are not breathing but have a pulse:

Give mouth to mouth (1 breath every 6 seconds).

  1. Lift chin and tilt back head.
  2. Pinch nose and take deep breath.
  3. Seal your mouth over theirs and blow steadily until their chest rises.
  4. Remove your mouth, count to 5 and repeat.
  5. Reassess ABC.

Call 999.

If they are not breathing and have no pulse:
  1. Give mouth to mouth for 2 breaths.
  2. Give chest compressions (find where ribs join breastbone. Place heel of hand by the boney notch here and put other hand on top of 1st. Keep arms straight and press down.) Do this about 80 times a minute.
  3. Give 2 breaths after 15 compressions.
  4. Reassess ABC.

Call 999.