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Peer Support Group

Are you affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use? Don't know what to do, feeling alone? Maybe we can help.



What is it?

REACH is a free and confidential five-session programme which provides support to adults, parents, and carers who are being personally affected by someone else's substance use or addiction. (Substance refers to alcohol or drugs).

The sessions aim to provide a safe and confidential environment for people to:

-       Access support and support others

-       Talk about their situations in confidence

-       Reduce suffering and isolation

-       Gain an understanding of what addiction is

-       Look at  how their lives are being affected by substance use

-       Explore alternative ways of managing and coping

The sessions are free and the group size is limited to a maximum of six people. If you are over 18 and being personally affected by someone else's substance misuse or addiction this programme is for you.

How to Apply

Access to the group is via application, you can either print off the pdf icon REACH Application 2019 [261kb], complete it and return to Drug Concern by post or scan the completed form and attach to am email.

Once we have received your email we will contact you on the number provided and arrange a time to meet you to discuss your application form and answer any questions you may have.

Programme dates and times

We understand that people have busy lives, and as much as possible we try to be flexible to accommodate needs. The application forms asks for your preference of afternoon or early evening sessions and once we have a minimum of three persons for either session we will run a group.

Once we have enough people to run a group we will confirm the venue the programme will operate from. We do not use Drug Concern premises to run the REACH programme. 

Sessions last for two hours with a coffee break in between.

pdf icon REACH FAQ [52kb]

Feedback from the programme

"These sessions have helped me look at my life and my feelings towards [addiction] in a productive manner. It was a very positive experience"

"I feel I have gained strength from the programme, thanks to all"

" The course helped me to understand addiction and gave me ways to look after myself. I feel less isolated and felt really supported by everyone, which I have never felt before"

"Feeling less isolated after attending the group. I would like to put into practice some of the ideas I have learned"

"Thank you for the amazing course and all the support that came with it"